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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

26 November 2018

Maharaj finds Phunyuka’s access card in Nganono’s car and Zakithi and Zithulele scheme to get Ngcolosi’s Maluju Oil shares. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


MaZulu is distraught when detective Dubazane says Nganono’s phone is untraceable. Zakithi admits to Zithulele that she met with Mr Maharaj. Zakithi then solicits MaZulu’s help in stealing crucial documents, but Ngcolosi catches her in the act. Also, Celiwe’s debt troubles mount as Lwazi turns the screws; threatening Celiwe that she is out of time. Finally, Phunyuka begs Phakade for forgiveness, stoking divisions in the family. Phakade ultimately decides to invite Phunyuka back into the church.



MaZulu lies to Ngcolosi about the real reason for her being in his study. She tells Zakithi she cannot do it again and gives her the key to get the documents herself. Zakithi does not only find the documents she needs but discovers a gun in Ngcolosi’s desk drawer. MaZulu makes peace with KaMadonsela. Celiwe hides from Sizakele and Thando but she is caught. Mr Maharaj is suspicious when he discovers Phunyuka’s access card in Nganono’s car. He makes a call that confirms his suspicions. Khanyo wants to know if there is a problem between her parents. Phakade is haunted by Nganono’s burnt body.



Zithulele is surprised when Zakithi asks him to help forge the documents putting the shares in their names. After some emotional blackmail, Zithulele eventually gives in. Lwazi and her henchman return to break Celiwe’s finger and Celiwe is left with no choice but to steal MaZulu’s earrings to pay off her debt. Buhle breaks her expensive camera at Emsamo and Lindiwe is left confused when Buhle explains that she cannot tell her parents. Mr Maharaj has Phunyuka exactly where he wants him and after Mr Maharaj threatens to tell Ngcolosi Phunyuka’s secret, Phunyuka starts talking.

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Zakithi is confronted by a stumbling block when it comes to secretly transferring Maluju shares to herself and her siblings. Phunyuka is wracked with guilt when he learns from MaZulu and Phakade that MaKhumalo told them she envisaged Nganono being dead. Mr Maharaj summons Phunyuka and threatens to reveal that Phunyuka killed Nganono unless Phunyuka agrees to be his spy. Celiwe realises that the earrings she stole are more special and expensive than she thought. She tries to get them back from the mashonisa but fails. She confesses to MaZulu that she stole the earrings. Buhle recruits both Zithulele and Zakithi to help her get a new camera.


Maharaj orders Phunyuka to spy on Ngcolosi and Maluju Oil. Celiwe explains to MaZulu why she stole the earrings and how sorry she is. Zakithi convinces Zithulele to help her fool the lawyer and Ngcolosi. Zithulele manipulates Ngcolosi about the lawyer's meeting. MaZulu gets rid of Lwazi for good. Zakithi and Zithulele carry out their plan to deceive the lawyer and Ngcolosi. Phunyuka's guilt over Nganono causes a change of heart regarding Phakade's church. Zakithi and Zithulele celebrate getting Ngcolosi's shares.

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