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An epic moment is coming to #ImbewuTheSeed

3 December 2018
Imbewu: The Seed

Dark secrets will creep into the light on Imbewu: The Seed this Wednesday, 5 December at 9:30PM.

In a modern society that worships wealth and rewards ruthless acts of power, the Bhengu family have been the shadow of a potent secret stemming from an ancient Zulu traditional practice.  That secret is about to be carried to the light by one side of the family who feels betrayed by everyone who has worked to conceal it.

On Wednesday, 5 December, an epic hair-raising TV moment will be witnessed on Imbewu: The Seed as one of the brothers learns of a deep secret that could leave a stain on the legacy he hopes to leave for his four children.

“How does one prepare for the reveal of the secret? Performance is important to us at Imbewu since we have an amazing cast ensemble so we work-shopped the story with all of our lead actors, looking at different performance pointers to make sure the secret reveal is believable and engaging. Secondly we went on to make sure that we tell the best visual story by coming up with a compelling technical presentation of the secret reveal” says episode director, Mengameli Nhlabathi.

Tables will turn when Fundiswa Zwane who plays the role of KaMadonsela is confronted by the biggest secret in the Bhengu family. Viewers can expect two days of compelling high drama and action with a twist.

Watch the video below:

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