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This week on Rhythm City

3 December 2018

Suffo steals David’s money in an attempt to save Busi. David gets on board in a final bid to beat the kidnappers. Watch Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.


Suffo’s heist is foiled. Rene is starting to crack under the pressure of the body shaming. Sabelo is determined to improve his living conditions.


Suffo moves in on David’s money but a great danger confronts them. Rene fights back at social media but gets it very wrong. Sabelo tries to go into business with Jafta.

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David tries to track down who stole his cash. Rene’s video doesn’t get the response she’d hoped for. Sabelo is sitting on a gold mine - literally.


David is on board in a final bid to beat the kidnappers, but he might not be over his feelings for Niki. Rene goes into hiding. Sabelo gets a wingman.


Rene is upset with her friends for making her situation worse. David has a plan to save Busi. Fats and Sabelo look for gold.

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