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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

24 December 2018

Zakithi gets the shares at Maluju and replaces Zimele as CEO. Zimele, Pranav and Zane reconnect. Watch Imbewu:The Seed weekdays at 9:30PM.


MaZulu tells her friends about Nganono. Khanyo tells Phakade she does not want him in the church. Futhi tells Khanyo to tell their father, or she will.


Zakithi makes contact with Maharaj. Phakade tries to fight back but has lost all support. MaZulu’s school friend says she will help MaZulu with Nganono.

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Zakithi takes the secret to her father and gets the shares. Sandile arrives to mediate in the church. He knows KaMadonsela from dating her in the past. MaZulu returns home.


Zimele is replaced as CEO by Maharaj. Sipho tries to heal the rift between Phakade and Khanyo. MaZulu’s school friend questions Zethu. 


Zimele, Pranav and Zane reconnect. Phakade is getting jealous. Zethu tells Phunyuka about the questions.

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