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This week on Scandal!

24 December 2018

Boniswa starts asking questions, Mthunzi tries to correct a Christmas mistake and Xolile finds something about her husband. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.


Xolile finds out something that her husband has done that she assumes is for her but all is not as it seems. Phindile drinks too much punch and engages in some unlikely behaviour with Stokkies at the Christmas party. A daughter takes in a hard line position but it does not go down well with her mother.  


Mthunzi offends his mistress in order to please his wife and someone close becomes suspicious. Mlu has to swallow his pride. Gloria makes a strong statement which threatens to spoil her family's Christmas. 


While Mthunzi tries to correct a Christmas mistake, little alarm bells start to ring for Boniswa that all is not right with her newest family member. The memory of a fleeting romantic encounter causes drama between the kisser and the kissed.  A competition develops in the Legae household about who loves Gloria most.   

Catch all the drama that happened last week on Scandal!


A mother's instinct prompts her to follow the latest member of her family and yields shocking results. An unsuspecting love rival unwittingly inspires a friend to pursue the very woman he desires. A son makes an uncharacteristically gracious gesture to express his gratitude but is bitterly disappointed by the result.


Boniswa starts asking questions, even though she dreads the answers. Stokkies has his eyes on a new prize. Kgosi resists new developments at home.

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