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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

31 December 2018

Maharaj reconnects with Nirupa and double crosses Zakithi he goes on to dig up Nganono’s grave and remove the body. Watch Imbewu: The Seed weekdays at 9:30PM.


Maharaj reconnects with Nerupa. Sipho sides with Khanyo. Phunyuka tells Maharaj who says he will sort it out.


Maharaj double crosses Zakithi. Khanyo takes over the church. Maharaj digs up Nganono’s grave and takes the body.

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We see what happened to Uwe in a flashback. KaMadonsela has a bad feeling about the baby. Maharaj brings Nomfundo to Phunyuka to kill her.


Nerupa is dating Maharaj. Phakade tries to help Khanyo with the church but she won’t hear it. Maharaj thinks Phunyuka has killed Nomfundo.


Shria and Pranav unite against Maharaj. The baby is gone! MaZulu is looking for Nomfundo.

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