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22 April 2019

Suffo withdraws from Puleng, David is hurt by Gail’s rejection. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Puleng tries to bring Suffo close but he withdraws from her.

David is hurt after Gail’s rejection and Mapula tries to reach out to Kea while Mampho realizes she has to make a choice and it must be made soon.


 Ziyanda has a game changing proposition for Suffo.

Lefa begs Mapula to keep their secret from the Khuses. Siya rejects Mampho’s new solution for their relationship and tells her to face the problem head on.


Mapula tries to convince Kea to save the baby.

Puleng on the other side is suspicious of Ziyanda while Mampho’s plans to get rid of Siya fail.


Suffo tries to bridge the gap between Puleng and Ziyanda but it backfires.

Mapula keeps the pressure on Keabetswe and it seems to be working. Battle lines have been drawn as the cold war between Mampho and Siya gets worse.


Puleng loses it when she sees Ziyanda hugging Suffo but she is shocked when Ziyanda tells her that Suffo is not her type and she is.

Siya gives Mampho what she wants and moves out but she feels bad about it.

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