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This week on Scandal!

22 April 2019

Boniswa risks all by telling the truth to someone outside the family. Scandal! Weekdays at 7:30PM.


Hlengiwe sinks her teeth into a story and undertakes to dig deeper.

Zinzile’s intention to hide the truth comes to naught. Stokkies on the other side discovers that he’s no wordsmith.


The ugly truth is getting closer to being revealed and so Boniswa seeks help from an unlikely source.

A child is shocked by their parent’s confession. Someone starts going to extreme lengths to achieve a goal.


Desperate Boniswa risks all by telling someone outside the family the truth about her secret.

Omphile struggles to accept the truth. Stokkies goes too far in his quest to be the best source ever.


Boniswa discovers that she was played.

After receiving a lecture, Mlungisi thinks the world is ganging up on him. Stokkies promises the world to Walter and learns of impending trouble.


Romeo fashions a new plan to exact revenge.

Mlungisi’s pride pushes loved one away from him. Stokkies busks hard to achieve a goal.

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