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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

29 April 2019

MaZulu agrees to allow Zandile to stay at the house. Imbewu: The Seed weekdays at 9:30PM.


Ngcolosi tells MaNdlovu to keep the pregnancy a secret.

MaNdlovu tells MaZulu to accept Ngcolosi and Zandile’s predicament.


MaZulu tells Ngcolosi that she will stand by him but in reality, will she?

Ngcolosi agrees to tell the family the truth about Zandile.

Thu Sheleni finally resolves to see Gogo Zungu for more information on his past.


The family is abuzz over revelation of Zandile’s pregnancy and MaNdlovu suggest that Zandile moves in.

Ngcolosi learns a paternity test can’t be done. Nomusa tries to tell Thu Sheleni to consider both families.

MaNdlovu finds out her sister died, reflects on her past, and makes her sad.


MaZulu agrees to allow Zandile to stay at the house, but Zandile refuses. However, Ngcolosi convinces her to reconsider.

MaNdlovu goes to see Thu Sheleni, he wants to know more about his maternal family.

Nkululeko sees his picture online and goes to find Buhle.


Zandile moves in and MaZulu reveals her true intention for agreeing to the arrangement.

Thu Sheleni and MaNdlovu goes to Smangele’s grave.

Nomusa enjoys exploring Indian culture. Thu Sheleni see through Nirupa. A mysterious man comes looking for Nkululeko

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