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14 May 2019

As tensions rise in the Bhengu household a hit has been ordered on Zimele. Imbewu weekdays at 9:30PM.


MaZulu wants to accompany Zandile to the hospital as she continues with attempts to prove that Zandile’s not pregnant.

Nerupa and Mandlovu fight over Thu Sheleni and Mandlovu pleads to the ancestors to acknowledge him while Zithulele makes a proposal to Nkululeko.


Zandile and Ngcolosi reconnect and MaZulu tries to hide her jealousy when she sees it.

Thu Sheleni is involved in a taxi accident. MaKhumalo tells MaNdlovu she never learns while Zithulele and Mkululeko discuss their plan of action.


Nkululeko tries to get back with his former mercenary team and on his first task he is given a disturbing package. There is a hit on Ngcolosi.

Thu Sheleni returns home. MaKhumalo reveals that the accident was as a result of the ancestors being unhappy and this angers Thu Sheleni.

MaZulu is frustrated that Ngcolosi is ignoring her.


Ngcolosi agrees to give Nkululeko his job back.

Caiphus reveals that he is going to kill Ngcolosi if Nkululeko doesn’t. However, Nkululeko is determined to protect the Bhengu’s.


Nkululeko tries to convince Caiphus that he is on his side, he later reveals to Zithulee that Ngcolosi is a target for assassination.

MaNdlovu does what she do best and tell Ngcolosi to take a second wife.

A worried MaZulu tries to convince MaNdlovu to side with her. 

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