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This week on Rhythm City

24 June 2019

Pearl is back but a huge surprise awaits her. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


CC’s life is in danger, Jeanine is furious with her while Bash is shocked by her confession.

Suffo struggles to find the perfect time to hand over the settlement papers and Patrick pushes him. Puleng’s visitor returns and seems like a gentleman. She makes a daring proposition. Puleng looks for reassurance from Portia.


David has a plan to get Pearl out of prison but first he needs to make sure she does not get back Mzi.

He then uses Robert to figure out a plan to sulk information on who the perpetrators of the heist on the Prosecuting Authority were. He then uses this information against a top police official to get his daughter out.

Puleng is caught red handed by Cuba and Suffo, and Cuba takes the chance to completely slut shame her.


Mzi visits Lerato in jail. Lerato makes her move on Mzi.

David puts more pressure on Lerato to seduce Mzi - and she tries to play him with champagne. But the ploy backfires and he leaves - saying in future she should deal with Patrick.

Suffo struggles to digest what he saw. Could it be that he still loves Puleng?


Maponya tells David he is ready to release Pearl.

However, David is prepared to delay Pearl’s release to give Lerato more time to seduce Mzi.

Puleng learns something new about her night with Lwazi.


Mzi reels after Pearl tells him not to come back to the jail.

Puleng apologises to Lwazi and they reconcile. Mzi goes back to prison and is again rejected by Pearl.

Suffocate gives Puleng the divorce papers and she is stunned. Mzi and Lerato work late at her place when they have a home invasion! Could this intruder be Pearl?

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