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This week on Rhythm City

8 July 2019

Puleng embarks on a mission to look for her father. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Mzi and Pearl are struggling. She is not opening up physically or emotionally to him.

Lerato makes it clear that she is still up for a bit of sexual diversion, while David fumes about Lerato dragging her heels on the slowness of her delivery on the plan to blow the bond between Pearl and Mzi apart.

Puleng seems genuinely to have entered a new phase of resolve and self-possession, and reconnects with her mother. 


Fats, Gail and Mampho hold the first round of auditions.

Puleng shares a dream she had of her father with Cuba. It freaks Cuba out. Suffo has to cancel his night with Nqobimpi, and Puleng calls him an absentee father. Mzi and Pearl are struggling to reconnect.


Pearl finds it hard adjusting to life on the outside. She gets into an altercation with someone at the club.

Puleng asks Cuba about her father but Cuba refuses to talk about it. This leaves Puleng feeling resentful and bitter towards her mother. David puts pressure on Lerato to seduce Mzi.


David tries to get Pearl to stay at home without success, she is intent on getting back to Mzi.

Puleng has to promise to stop asking her mother about her father, it’s too painful for Cuba. Mampho devises a clever way for Fats to hear Valentine sing without realizing who it is.

Puleng realises that for her own sanity, she has to try and find her father whether Cuba likes it or not.


In spite of their bonding session, Pearl tells David they haven’t made up and she’s going back to Mzi.

Mzi falls into Lerato’s arms and he and Lerato get it on again. Pearl walks in later and discovers them together and their secret affair is revealed in all its squalor.

Suffo then suggests to Puleng that maybe there’s a dark secret - maybe she’s the product of a rape.

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