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22 July 2019

It’s about time Phakade claims Zithulele back as his son. Imbewu weekdays at 9:30PM.


Futhi finds the contracts and tells Phakade about it, but he thinks it is useless.

Will MaZulu finally forgive Phunyuka, after learning that he saved Zithulele’s life? Oh and she also learns that Phunyuka and Nomfundo are dating.

Mira is confused by a distant Navin.


Phakade tells MaZulu that he wants to claim Zithulele as his son.

Nkululeko and Phunyuka struggle to get along, but no one is as furious as Zakithi about Phunyuka’s return to Maluju.

Andiswa tries to reach to Zithulele, but she dies before peace is made. Zithulele is devastated upon hearing the news of Andiswa’s death.

Mira is eating at the palm of Navin’s hand, she even tells him that she is ready to give him her virginity.


MaZulu is arrested in connection with the death of Andiswa.

Zithulele on the other hand struggles to forget about Andiswa. Back in Umbumbulu, Phakade tells Zithulele that he has to claim him as his son.

Nerupa is concerned about Mira and tries to fish out information from Navin on why Mira has changed.


KaMadonsela brings in a woman in her home for Phakade, but why would she do that?

Futhi tells Zakithi that she has found a contract. Zithulele beats Mthunzi before handing over evidence to the police.

Mira and Navin finally have sex. Mira then goes on to tell Buhle about her first time experience.


Phakade lets everyone know that he is claiming back Zithulele as his son and Ngcolosi is surprised that MaZulu did not tell him.

After stealing Mira’s diary, Navin finds out that he is being compared to Adam and slaps Mira to the ground.

Zithulele warns Zakithi not to get to close to Nkululeko.

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