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22 July 2019

David is completely outplayed this time. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Mzi suspects that Suffocate is having an affair with Pearl and ends up confronting him.

Puleng lies to Cuba about her investigation into her father, but secretly hires a Private Investigator.

Fats apologizes to Valentine, but she still doesn’t show up at the talent show until the last minute Could she be up to her old tricks again.


Mzi embarrasses Suffocate at the Metropol and challenges him to a fight but is thrown out by security.

David plans to introduce Pearl to the Red team as the new boss and it turns out that Suffocate’s plan to bring David down coincides with that meeting.

IYOOOH! Puleng discovers that her father lives only two blocks away from them.


Puleng tells Cuba that she knows all about her father and where he lives.

Cuba is furious and promises to disown Puleng if she goes to see her father.

David introduces Pearl to Red and gets the shock of his life when he finds out who his new shareholder is.

Rene is furious when she finds out that Mampho rented her room out.


Pearl steps up and supports Suffo, rejecting David finally and rubbing his nose in the fact that she has managed to outsmart him.

Puleng makes an arrangement to meet her father under an assumed name. How will this meeting go?


Mampho is concerned about Rene. Rene has a minor freak out when Kea tries to post a selfie of them on social media.

Ziyanda steels Suffo for the second part of his battle to maintain chairmanship of the BEA. He triumphs, but there is an unexpected consequence to his victory when he is approached to be part of a high-profile governmental panel.

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