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Mistresses Season 4 Spoilers

29 July 2019

Thank goodness this show has another season, can’t imagine having to close the show with Joss being held at gun point. Mistress, Mondays at 10PM.

The season jumped a year into the future and our favourite lass is reliving her trauma by testifying at Wilson’s murder trial.

Meanwhile, Harry is back from his jaunt abroad becoming a celebrity chef. After acting sort of weird and shady, he proposes to Joss on the beach, a scene that was nothing short of the perfect romance.

 April and Marc have relocated to what we are supposed to believe is a smaller, less expensive house.

Karen sure has accomplished a lot since we last saw her. She has given birth to a baby, but is a single parent. Karen has also managed to write, sell, and publish a book about her experiences as a throuple third.

Don’t miss the epic season premiere of Mistresses. Monday 29 July at 10PM.