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This week on Rhythm City

29 July 2019

Suffo squares off against Ziyanda and Lerato and his past comes back to haunt him. Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Rene continues to keep up the front that she had a great time in New York, even presenting Kea with a necklace.

David is coldly furious at the whole situation, and vows revenge.
Hlompho has his first emotional conversation with Puleng, and reveals that he’s always wanted to be in her life. In fact, he’s kept seeing Cuba over the years. Puleng is furious, and confronts Cuba. Cuba faints, and Puleng has to call an ambulance.


Puleng chooses to take care of Cuba while she’s ill, rather than pursue a relationship with her father.

But when Cuba reveals some deep dark truths, Puleng is ready to walk away from it all.

Meanwhile, Suffo finds himself having to square off against Ziyanda and Lerato in one day. Little does he know that something more threatening is just around the corner.
Rene opens up to Mzi about what really went down in New York.


As Pearl prepares herself for a David backlash, Puleng gets her mother’s side of the story of her birth, and a warning not to trust her charming dad.

She is conflicted about who to trust now.
Mampho wants to dismiss the woman who has come in to accuse Suffo of an ancient murder, but Lerato tells her to investigate and not tell Suffo anything for the moment.


As Rene’s party grows in size, so does her anxiety about how much it is costing.
Cuba wants Puleng to put the whole incident with her father behind her, but she has other ideas. Cuba is mortified when she finds out that Puleng has accepted an invite to meet Hlompo’s family.

Lerato tells a furious David that she has a way of bringing Suffo down. David is all ears. Mampho tries unsuccessfully to get out of going public with Suffo’s history.


Suffo decides to make a press statement about his past to pre-empt any negative publicity.
Mampho struggles to get any evidence of Lesego’s story - but Lerato discovers the records from that time were destroyed in a fire.

Puleng is very excited to go shopping with her father and meet his family afterwards, but then Hlompho arrives and says his wife doesn’t want them hanging out.
Finally Rene gets drunk and reveals what happened to her in New York.

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