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This week on Rhythm City

5 August 2019

Suffo discovers his true friends and enemies. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Suffo’s gambit in releasing the statement seems to be paying off as he tries to fend off his enemies.
Puleng is furious with Hlomphoa after he ditched her, but she gets confused all over again when he offers to bring his kids to meet her. This is a step too far for Cuba, but the family gathering is interrupted by an emergency call from the hospital.


Kea is approached by a strange older man, claiming to be a talent scout, who wants to use her for a TV show. Mapula advises her to seek Rene’s advice, but Kea’s resistant and thinks she has it all under control.

Gail tries to warn Suffo that 9-Nine is investigating him, but he’s dismissive. Ziyanda approaches Mampho, offering to buy any info she gets on Suffo but Mampho rejects her.


Suffo goes against Ziyanda’s advice and agrees to do a live interview with Mampho, not knowing that the whole thing will backfire and the results leave him in utter and total shock.

Kea and Rene continue to battle in their connection as sisters but a disappointing incident remind them that strong family ties and bold dreams are still achievable.
Meanwhile, Puleng is faced with one of the biggest choices of her life- honor a mother who’s stuck by her through thick and thin or take a chance on a father she barely knows.

Suffocate loses it during the interview at 9-Nine FM, which makes him look bad.

He gets avice from Mzi to prepare a legal defence but Suffocate being a Kasi boy doesn’t think he need a lawyer because he’s innocent.
Suffocate suspects Khulekani’s behind this, but when he turns to Ziyanda she coldly says she can’t help him.

When Puleng takes Cuba home, she lies and tells her she’s no longer seeing her father. Reneilwe’s devastated to find out Pearl has chosen Valentine to be the opening act for the launch of Red Hub.


When Suffo is told by Langa, his connection with the prestigious government panel, that the murder accusation against him makes it impossible for him to continue in that role, Suffo is forced to take action to counter the smear.

But at a hastily assembled press conference to get his side of the story across, Lesego arrives and not only confirms her story, but adds further damning details.
Cuba agrees not to intervene further in Puleng’s attempts to get to know her father. Taking advantage of this, Puleng takes Hlompho up on an offer of helping out with Nqobimpi; except he doesn’t pitch and leaves her with egg on her face.

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