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12 August 2019

Suffo decides to step down from the government panel. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM,

A troubled Suffo tries to reach out to Gail but gets rejected as the business world is beginning to turn its back on him.
Puleng keeps her disappointment with her father to herself, but when her half-sister is rude to her at dinner, she finally explodes with him.

Mampho is conflicted about the whole Suffocate saga. Even Jafta blames her, but she insists that she’s doing her job.
Guess who back in Suffo’s life? Madikgetla. She wants to bring Suffocate in for questioning, but Mzi blocks her. Suddenly Suffocate has another flashback from his violent past. He is surprised when Puleng shows her support and tells him that she believes him.
Reneilwe is down in the dumps and feels like her star has faded. She decides to take Pearl’s offer to do the billboard.

As challenges grow of his back, Suffo backs down and decides to step down from the government panel.
Khulekani observes from a distance, enjoying every moment. Suffo gets a hero’s welcome when he returns to Kilowatt.
Rene is nervous about the photo shoot. When the drumming starts, she has another panic attack - and is filmed by bystanders.

Pearl warns Suffo about stepping back.
Ziyanda tries to make a truce with Khulekani. Madikgetla tells Suffo that she is not pressing charges.
Puleng and Cuba find their way back to each other.
Rene is devastated by what happened at the photo shoot. Rene is haunted by the same bad dreams.

Jamaica is irate when Fats prioritises organising a Kilowatt event over salon duties. He sees Kop and Blossom all loved up and is reminded of the love he doesn’t have. 
Mampho is being followed and she tries to appeal to Lesego to tell the truth. Sabelo gives Suffo Lesego’s address. Suffo comes to Lesego’s apartment and learns some truths.
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