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19 August 2019

KaMadonsela’s calling worsens, Ngcolosi does remember Nkululeko’s mother. Imbewu weekdays at 9:30PM.

Nkuululeko is not happy that Ngcolosi did not remember his mother.
He goes on to confront Zithuleel and later steals Ngcolosi’s used glass, but for what purpose remain to be seen.
KaMadonsela’s nightmare continues as part of her calling. She collapses and dream of a dark room.
Back in Chatsworth, Mira is caught with a gun while Navin is released from jail.

KaMadonsela is admitted to hospital, this reunites Khanyi and Futhi as they find themselves pray for their mother.
MaNdlovu suggest that Donsi gets help from a traditional healer.
Nkululeko warns Zakithi that the truth will come out one way or the other. Zakithi enlists Zithulele’s help while Phunyuka is left wondering about the whole situation.
Mira goes out in public for the first time, while Pranav and Nirupa decide it is high tuime they fix things properly and go back to sleeping in the same room.

Zimele gives Phunyuka an errand to run as he tries to prove whether or not that he has an heir.
KaMadonsela is not improving. Back in Chatworth Mira reveals to her family that she is seeing a psychologist while Pranav and irupa make up definitely.

Nkululeko is rejected by Ngcolosi as he tries to convince huim that he is the heir he has wanted so long.
Macingwane gives Phakade Muthi for KaMadonsela but he gets caught by a nurse as he tries to feed the muthi to Donsi.
Futhu takes over and give Donsi the muthi and as a resukt she wakes up.
Elaine helps Mira recover after a panic attack. 

Zakithi come sclean to Zithulele.
Zithulele finds out that Ngcolosi had an affair with Nkululeko’s mother and Ngcolosi also remembers that he had an affair with Nkululeko’s mother.
KaMadonsela is discharged from Hopsital but she is blind and confused about her blindness.
The Rampesards discover that Navin is out of jail.

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