What should I bring on the day of the audition?
The Got Talent team is anticipating thousands of people so the chances are you may have a long wait in the queue. Bring water, food and something to protect you from the weather.
We do not pay for anyone to travel to the auditions and we do not provide refreshments on the day. Please arrange your own travel and refreshments.
You will only be given an audition number on the day of your audition.
Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. The parents/guardians of children under the age of 18 must provide written consent to their participation in the show.
Please also bring a pen to sign all of the necessary forms.
If you have pre-registered, you must bring your pre-registered form with you.
Keep this on you at all times and do not give it to anyone else.

Why Should I pre-register?
Acts who have pre-registered are guaranteed an audition, providing you are there before 12pm.
By pre-registering you are saving yourself a lot of time on the day as you will not need to spend any time filling out forms.

The Audition: What must I prepare?
Your audition may not exceed 2 minutes.
Any act that exceeds 2 minutes in duration, will be stopped.
Dancers must bring their own music on a CD.
Singers please bring a backing track to your audition.
Musicians must bring all of their own equipment.
Variety acts must take health and safety into account.

All auditions will be conducted in English. Your audition piece may be in vernacular.

Information for group acts
All members of your group must be at the audition.
Groups only need to fill out one application form, for the entire group.
Large groups may need to audition in an outside space.

What should I wear and do?
Although your performance is ultimately what the judges will be judging you on, first impressions and attitude are important. So dress to impress and stand out in the crowd. And remember you are going to be a TV star so when you see a camera, don’t hide.

What time are the auditions?
The auditions will start at 7am. We suggest you get there super early to get a place at the front of the queue.
If you are not standing in the queue by 12pm, you will not be allowed to audition as we will close the gates to the venue.
The producers may grant special permission to certain acts to arrive after 12pm, providing that they have a valid reason. In the event that you need to request such permission, you must email the contestant team [email protected].

Who may enter SA’s Got Talent?
Any person or group may enter SA’s Got Talent, as long as they are legal residents of South Africa, except for employees of e.tv, Rapid Blue, Kraft Foods and their promotional and advertising agencies, or immediate family.
Contestants may be disqualified at the discretion of the producers and broadcaster, should they violate the terms and conditions of their signed contract / contributors release form.

Can I send a tape of my/our performance to the audition?
No, you must attend the auditions in person although certain acts may be asked to bring a DVD of their performance with them to the auditions.

Is there an entrance or application fee?
No, there are no application fees. We want everyone to audition.

What should I do at the audition?
You may do any kind of performance you wish at the audition, as long as it is not lewd, cruel to children or animals, or poses a danger to yourself or members of the auditioning team.

What will happen on the audition day?
The Got Talent team can only audition a limited number of people per day so make sure you have registered in order to secure your place at the audition.  Nonetheless ensure you get to the audition venue early so that you don’t have to wait the entire day.
Remember that most international superstars spend years trying to get the ultimate audition, so see your long wait in the queues as part of the process.
Your audition may be shown on TV but there is no guarantee of that. If the judges like you they will put you through to the next round.  For those lucky enough to be chosen for the next round, details of what you need to prepare for this round will again be sent to you in due course.

Must I pre-register and how do I do this?
If you have access to the internet, it is strongly advised that you pre-register online. This will secure you a spot at the auditions. There will also be a faster queue for those who have pre-registered. To pre-register online, email [email protected]

What happens if I can’t pre-register online?
You can still audition. But please arrive at the auditions very early to secure your place in the queue.
You can also email us for an application form at [email protected]
You can print this application form at home and bring it with you on the day, which will save you some time.

What must I do if my act involves animals or special props etc.?
Please make sure that you email us and let us know.
All animals, including pets, must be caged or on a lead.

What if I forget my words or mess up my act?
You have one chance to impress, just one opportunity, so see this as the ultimate audition where there are no second chances. It’s best to do your best performance ever.

How long will I need to be available for?
The final of SA’s Got Talent will take place in October 2013.
If you pass through the audition stages and keep doing well, you will need to be available for the Theatre Auditions in the first and second week of July 2013.
As well as for the semi-finals and final show in October.

If I am successful at my audition, can I tell my family and friends?
If you are contacted to attend a Theatre Audition you may tell your family and friends, as we would love them to come to support you as part of the audience.

What are the prizes?
The winner’s prize is R250 000.

If I am in the semi finals but I don’t win SA’s Got Talent will I receive a prize?
No, only the winner of SA’s Got Talent receives a prize. However contestants in the semi finals will benefit from the show’s TV exposure, from the experience and through exposure to the professional team who work on SA’s Got Talent.

Where will the show be broadcast?
SA’s Got Talent one hour shows will be broadcast on etv on the following days and times:

Every Thursday at 20h30 from 29 August.
Live Semi Final 1: Tuesday, 08 October at 20h30.
Live Semi Final 2: Thursday, 10 October at 20h30.
Live Semi Final 3: Tuesday, 15 October at 20h30.
The Grand Finale: Thursday, 17 October at 19h30.


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