Passion Fruit Coconut Custard Panna Cotta

An Ultra-festive recipe by the Skinny Cook as showcased on the Morning Show.


Celebrating the season of togetherness, the Morning Show SA will be showcasing an Ultra-festive recipe every morning this week because there's no better way to share meaningful festive moments than with the delicious taste of Ultra Mel custard.

Passion Fruit Coconut Custard Panna Cotta
Can of cream of coconut
500ml Zero custard
2 sheets gelatin
100g castor sugar
Splash of vanilla extract/extract
Ripe Passion fruit or if out of season just buy a can

Prepare gelatin as per box instructions, bloom the gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes
Warm up the coconut cream in a saucepan but you don't want it to boil
When it's just before scalding remove from heat and add the gelatin to the coconut cream.
Add the custard and vanilla essence to the mixture
Stir, till everything is combined and pour into ramekins and refrigerate till set (overnight)
Turn it out of the ramekin and pour the passion fruit over it and serve