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The Devi Show S1 Ep19

The need to be loved is human.  The vision of building a future with somebody who cares for you and shares your dreams is a deep desire which cannot be ignored.  But, what happens when you meet your dream man, online and within weeks you are hopelessly in love, only to discover you aren’t his only sweetheart?  We go on the trail and confront an alleged modern-day romantic scamster who seems to have left a trail of empty bank accounts, broken hearts and shattered dreams.

Since the 1980s, American rappers have been sporting Grillz - decorative jewellery for teeth.  Fast-forward to 2020 and Grillz are a fashion statement, with fans dishing out thousands for the perfect, golden smile. 
We take a look into the mouth of influencer and content creator, Don Dada and ask … why the fascination with sparkly teeth?