The Devi Show S1 Ep20 |
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The Devi Show S1 Ep20

Imagine, after an endless search, you finally find your dream wedding dress.  It’s perfect.  It fits you beautifully and comes at the right price.  You pay the deposit, secure in the knowledge that on your wedding day, you will look like a princess. 

But, for a number of brides, the dream turned into a nightmare when Eurobride, a well-established boutique suddenly shut shop and made off with deposits and the dresses.  Panic soon turned to action, when the brides banded together and discovered that Eurobride’s troubles started before the pandemic.


Multi-award-winning filmmaker, Ofentse Mwase, also known as Uncle Scrooch has made it his life passion to invite people into his world, through his lens.  Born in Rustenburg, this young creator got his feet wet by filming weddings and funerals.  Fast forward to 2020 and with over 24 awards to his credit and recognised as one of the top 30 Instagrammers in the world, Ofentse offered us a few tips on how to capture the perfect shot.