Top Movie Weekend

We’ve got Bernie Mac, Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell and Xzibit bringing you all the action you need.


Celebs First Jobs

It’s always great to be reminded that even celebs started at the bottom before they got here.



Prove that you look like your favourite soapie star and you could WIN one of 6 Samsung Galaxy S4 Minis.


Sinawe 72

Wednesday 5:30 pm

Sinawe 72 helps make the dream of four families come true by giving them a chance to revamp their homes.



Wednesday 9:35 pm

Lungi and Songezo discover that the janitor of the church, Wesley has been secretly hoarding articles of Mia’s clothing.


Chelsea Hold Atlético Madrid to Draw

Chelsea managed to hold Atlético Madrid to a 0-0 draw in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final.


Meet The Vat 'n Sit Characters

Meet the cast of the new local sitcom Vat 'n Sit.

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