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Ahead of the lobola negotiations, Thandi and Lydia make a pact while Thabang makes an unsettling discovery. Azania is overwhelmed by her guilt.

S 1 | E 94

Air date: 17/08/17


Ace convinces Azania that Gerty wants to disinherit her children and hand the company over to Thandi prompting her to hatch a plan to get rid of Thand

S 1 | E 91

Air date: 14/08/17


Ace's mastermind plan comes to fruition as he gets rid of the loose ends he doesn t like.

S 1 | E 80

Air date: 28/07/17


Ace starts to lose at his own game when his pawns revolt against him. Brandon tries to stay one step ahead of Uhuru's investigation.

S 1 | E 79

Air date: 27/07/17


Someone breaks into Thandi s house - and takes something surprising.

S 1 | E 26

Air date: 15/05/17


Damian pretends to be happy that Oratile's gone even though no one else is buying it.

S 1 | E 180

Air date: 15/12/17


Chris enthusiastically pursues the plan to get Azania pregnant. Tshiamo and Damian are emotional as they prepare to say goodbye to Oratile.

S 1 | E 179

Air date: 14/12/17


Lulu's cold war with Thandi warms up after a secret Santa gift. Damian saves the day by being Oratile's Father Christmas.

S 1 | E 178

Air date: 13/12/17


Tensions rise as Lulu's veiled comments for Lebo to speak to Thandi about Ace. Oratile's Christmas is back on.

S 1 | E 177

Air date: 13/12/17


Ace and Lebo grow closer and Thandi is tormented by dreams. Brandon starts to get what he wants from Azania.

S 1 | E 176

Air date: 12/12/17