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flag-favourites Rhythm City - Episode 2059

This episode aired on Thursday 28 May 2015. Doc tells Zinzi she's going to the local school, Bash won't accept Emmanuel's apology & the leader of the 66 gang comes to see David.

flag-favourites Rhythm City - Episode 2058

Emmanuel lies about Bash & the Khuses believe him. David sends Big Man to look after Gail & Quinton and stays to face certain death.

flag-favourites Rhythm City - Episode 2057

The 66 gang brings the battle to Zer011. As bullets fly and men die, who will survive?

flag-favourites Rhythm City - Episode 2056

Kete discovers Emmanuel hasn t been going to school & he & Bash have been lying. Big Man, David & Jimmy prepare themselves for the 66 attack.

flag-favourites Rhythm City - Episode 2054

Sabelo tempts Emmanuel with a nyaope joint. David & Big Man find Gail & Quinton & send them away with Rocky to avoid the inevitable gang war.