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e On Demand is a catch-up service that allows you to watch some of our past programmes online for free. Catch up on episodes and seasons you’ve missed or discover brand new shows online. Full episodes of select shows will be available to watch on your computer, tablet or cell phone. To watch e On Demand register for a free account today.

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flag-favourites Rhythm City - Episode 2035

A fight breaks out when Doc realises David tried to assault Lerato. Reneilwe is angry that Bash let Emmanuel sell at the robots but Emmanuel has a plan to get his goods back. Jafta decides to come clean to Rose but an unexpected encounter changes his mind.

flag-favourites Rhythm City - Episode 2034

Lerato’s showcase performance goes well but things go sour when David catches onto the vibes between her and Doc. Emmanuel tries to sell goods at the robots but gets beat up. Jafta and Sis Bee secretely meet up to decide if they should tell Rose about their affair.

flag-favourites Rhythm City - Episode 2033

Lerato is struggling with handling her feelings for Doc and her loyalty towards David. Niki still thinks Bash knows more about the heist than he lets on. Sis Bee can’t believe her eyes when Rose interrupts a heartfelt declaration.

flag-favourites Rhythm City - Episode 2032

Things are looking promising for Jafta and Mampho’s relationship but they are both taken aback when Rose shows up unannounced. Niki protects Bash from Suffo’s anger. Lerato introduces Doc and Tshego but her mother isn’t pleased to meet him.

flag-favourites Rhythm City - Episode 2031

Lerato finds the info that David wants but wonders if she should hand it over. Mampho decides to stay at the Khuse’s after the neighbourhood sees Jafta kiss Sis Bee. After the heist goes smoothly, Bash and Nox must decide if they’ll run away together.