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This week on Scandal!

13 June 2017
This week on Scandal!

Boniswa reveals her motives, Siseko agrees to an arrangement and Yvonne gets a proposal. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Boniswa sets herself a goal and surprises Siseko with how she wants to achieve it. Gloria finds herself having to beg someone she despises for help. Romeo has a light bulb moment which he believes will bring about a major change.

Boniswa reveals her ulterior motive for proposing an extreme idea. Ndumiso makes a grand gesture, which he hopes may turn his life around. Timothy is surprised to find his nemesis doing a good deed.

A woman makes an obvious effort to impress a younger man, and Siseko agrees to an arrangement which will have far-reaching consequences. Gloria finds laying down the law to be a painful experience. Romeo takes advantage of a situation to score some major points for himself. 

This is what happened on Scandal! last week

Dintle accuses another woman of the very thing she is guilty of, herself, and Yvonne is stunned by a proposal. Kgosi makes a promise which he has no intention of keeping. Lindiwe is hopeful that a change of opinion will benefit her.

Boniswa is far from truthful, and it has the desired effect. Gloria takes all the credit for a situation which she claims is under control. Lindiwe receives some great news, but is blissfully unaware that her happiness will be short-lived.

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