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22 January 2018

Gerty discovers someone is pregnant, Brandon gives Azania an ultimatum and Lydia is caught between Tshiamo and Damian. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6PM on eExtra.


Gerty discovers that someone is pregnant. Lulu's fears come true when the cops arrive at Yours Truly. Damian's bachelor's party is in trouble after a clash with his neurologist. Brandon's allies continue to plot Chris' downfall.


Brandon threatens to tell Chris the truth about the affair. Tshiamo believes that he has the solution to Damian's headaches. Lulu receives a bland gift from Chulu but invites him to the bachelor's anyway.

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Simone is stronger than ever. Brandon gives Azania an ultimatum. Lulu pretends to love Chulu's dress. Lydia manages to trick Damian out of the office as Thandi and Lulu put the frantic final touches to his bachelor party - but Lydia can't keep a secret. Damian gets a dreaded call from the doctor's office.


Azania goes to extreme lengths to keep her affair a secret from her husband. The cracks start to show in Lulu and Chulu's budding romance and Ace makes a heart breaking discovery about one of the YTWC staff.


Lydia is caught between a worried Tshiamo and Damian. Lulu is devastated by the idea that she has ruined her chances with Chulu. Brandon grows increasingly volatile and dangerous.

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