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This week on Scandal!

10 May 2018

Chumani comes out to his parents. Will Dintle and Quinton come clean to Mangi who is desperate for answers? Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

A man's missing memories provide hope for someone else. A fake email leads to a life-changing decision. 'Partners' must reassess their partnership after a wild party.

A man in hospital is desperate for answers, but will anyone come clean to him? A son reveals his truth to his parents, but one of them refuses to accept it. A teenager's complaints fall on deaf ears, so he takes matters into his own hands.

An attempt to cover up the truth leads to an intense confrontation. A family is divided over a young man's truth. An ex-husband gets the wrong end of the stick about his former wife.

A confession of a diabolical truth prompts a diabolical secret to be kept buried. A mother in turmoil feels entitled to her pain. An angry party arrives unexpectedly to query a disturbing rumour.

A guilty party pledges assistance to someone in need but severs ties with them in the same breath. Rejection causes a painful rift in a family and drives one of them to make a drastic decision. A cunning plan backfires spectacularly and ends up achieving the opposite result.

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