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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

10 May 2018
Ngcolosi, Buhle and Zithulele

Ngcolosi throws Zithulele out and Buhle has a disturbing episode. Imbewu: The Seed weekdays at 9:30PM.

After revealing he knows the secret, Phunyuka swears he will never tell anyone, but MaZulu fears he’s a threat. A desperate Zane begs Belinda for another chance. Zithulele rescues the hustling Thu Sheleni from being kicked out and Phakade is shocked to find a pregnancy test in the trash.

Namadonsela is insistent that she wants to birth Phakade a son. The mysterious Thu Sheleni has his backpack stolen. Ngcolosi and Pranav break the news about Zane’s firing to their respective families, causing a fallout between Ngcolosi and his children.

Zithulele does not accept that a family member can be kicked to the curb like this. MaZulu wants to know why Ngcolosi is so hard on Zithulele and so gentle with Buhle. Phakade calls MaZulu for advice. Zithulele and Thu Sheleni connect again. Zane and Belinda meet but it is downhill from here. Phakade apologises but pleads with Namadonsela to let this pregnancy idea go. Nganono finds his brother at Emsamo instead of at the office.

[WATCH] This is what happened on Imbewu: The Seed last week.

Zithulele persuades the manager at Emsamo to hire Thu Sheleni on probation as a waiter and vouches for him. Ngcolosi and Pranav request that the shares be split fifty-fifty between them. Zithulele is taken by an impressive group of Oswenka who want to perform at Emsamo, and promises to help plead their case to the unwilling manager.

Ngcolosi tells Pranav he wants majority share. Buhle has a disturbing episode which alerts MaNdlovu and MaZulu to the fact that the ancestors aren’t happy with them. Zithulele makes peace with the fact that his father’s refusal to let him leave speaks to his love for his son.

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