The feud between the Monaheng and the Sangqu continues to mar the lobola negotiation process.

S 1 | E 9

Air date: 02/06/15


Lefa sends the Monaheng uncles to negotiate a lobola for Nontle. They are met with hostility and unexpected demands.

S 1 | E 8

Air date: 26/05/15


Nontle is on the life-support machine and she flat-lines. She is dying and she is about to cross over when she gets yanked back to life.

S 1 | E 7

Air date: 19/05/15


Nontle is poisoned. Both her and her baby's lives are at stake. She is rushed to the hospital, to much regret, blame and hysteria.

S 1 | E 6

Air date: 12/05/15


Lefa tries everything to win back Nontle. He will endure everything thrown his way to get her back.

S 1 | E 5

Air date: 05/05/15


In his search of the baby, Lefa meets an Oracle who connects the dots about everything that has happened till this point.

S 1 | E 26

Air date: 29/09/15


Nontle and Bhonyongo wake up to their worst nightmare: The baby has disappeared! Nontle loses her mind, wanting her baby back.

S 1 | E 25

Air date: 22/09/15


There's an attempt on the baby's life. Nontle and Bhonyongo take the baby and run into the night.

S 1 | E 24

Air date: 15/09/15


Is the baby a reincarnation of Zanezulu and if so, is he back as a friend or foe?

S 1 | E 23

Air date: 08/09/15


Convinced that the baby is not Lefa's, Aus'Beauty suggest that a partenity test be done - much to Nontle's dismay.

S 1 | E 22

Air date: 01/09/15


It's naming ceremony. The Monaheng's excitement of finally bringing mother and child home is short-lived as they uncover the birthmark.

S 1 | E 21

Air date: 25/08/15


Nontle gives birth. Out of nowhere, an old woman emerges and helps Nontle give birth to a baby boy. The new born bears the mark of Zanezulu.

S 1 | E 20

Air date: 18/08/15


Mfundisi and Nobusika are forced to define their relationship, post Ta Rich's disappearance.

S 1 | E 19

Air date: 11/08/15


It's the aftermath of Ta Rich's betrayal.

S 1 | E 18

Air date: 04/08/15


The day to determine who wins the land has arrived.

S 1 | E 17

Air date: 28/07/15


Ta Rich is finally the son that Mbijana can be proud of, he has proved himself worthy and finally gets welcomed back into the family.

S 1 | E 16

Air date: 21/07/15


Nontle, a Xhosa girl born of the Sanqu family and Lefa, a Sotho young man, born of the Monaheng s, each from the two feuding tribes, fall passionatel

S 1 | E 15

Air date: 14/07/15


Nontle is a "makoti" in Lefa's home, much to Aus'Beauty's chagrin.

S 1 | E 14

Air date: 07/07/15


It's a big traditional wedding celebration and each side wants to outshine the other. TaRich's presence give the celebrations a sour tone.

S 1 | E 13

Air date: 30/06/15


It's the day of the wedding. Will Nontle show up to her wedding?

S 1 | E 12

Air date: 23/06/15


It's the eve of the wedding and with all the excitement going around, Lefa is the guest of honour to "the first bachelor party of matatiele&

S 1 | E 11

Air date: 16/06/15


After much success with the lobola, Lekunutu and Motsamai remind Lefa that he needs to get out and get a job.

S 1 | E 10

Air date: 09/06/15


Nontle is dumped and pregnant. The discovery puts a screech to her future plans.

S | E 3

Air date: 21/04/15