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Nontle, a Xhosa girl born of the Sanqu family and Lefa, a Sotho young man, born of the Monaheng’s, each from the two feuding tribes, fall passionately in love despite the odds that stand before them. They throw caution to the wind and follow their hearts…unbeknown to their families. Their forbidden love affair plays out in the backdrop of cascading hills and deep valleys of Matatiele, cloaked in secrecy… until Nontle finds herself pregnant. The couple are at a crossroad…what should they do?

After weighing up all options and exploring every alternative, they both agree that they want to keep the baby. This is the beginning of a tumultuous journey as the two sides are forced to marry their differences; bury long and deep-seated grudges that have been played out for generations to now navigate a new and unwelcomed path to reconciliation. But will it ever work?

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