Tower Heist |

Tower Heist

PG - 13 | 1h 44min


A group of hardworking men falls prey to a scam concocted by a wealthy businessman. Furious and desperate for revenge, they come together and plan a heist against him. Will they be able to succeed?

Tower Heist is an American heist comedy film directed by Brett Ratner, written by Ted Griffin and Jeff Nathanson, based on a story by Bill Collage, Adam Cooper and Griffin and starring Ben StillerEddie MurphyCasey AffleckAlan AldaMatthew BroderickJudd HirschTéa LeoniMichael Peña, and Gabourey Sidibe.

The plot follows employees of an exclusive apartment building who lose their pensions in the Ponzi scheme of a Wall Street businessman and enlist the aid of a criminal, a bankrupt businessman, and an immigrant maid to break into his apartment and steal back their money while avoiding the FBI agents in charge of his case.

Ben Stiller & Eddie Murphy are super funny in this movie. Sunday 8PM.