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This Week on Ekse: Let’s Talk

4 February 2014
Masechaba Lekalake, Toll Ass Mo, Refilwe Modiselle

Are traditional gender roles changing? Social commentator and radio host Eusebius McKaiser will join the debate on homosexuality. Ekse: Let’s Talk Tuesday to Thursday at 6PM on ekasi+.

Traditional Roles
Tuesday, 4 February

Are women supposed to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Are men the head of the family and are they supposed to protect and provide for their families? In 2014, some of these statements are no longer relevant. How do we adjust these old age beliefs to today’s modern life?

Living as a homosexual in SA
Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Social commentator, Eusebius McKaiser joins the crew to talk about living as a homosexual in South Africa and how we can change South Africans’ perception of homosexuality.

How does irresponsible parental behaviour affect grandparents?
Thursday, 6 February 2014

Masechaba, Refilwe and Mo explore the reasons for why this happens and how this affects senior citizens and the quality of their lives.

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