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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

2 August 2018

Ngcolosi digs up dirt on Shria’s fiancé to stop the Maharaj’s and Rampersads from merging after the wedding. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.

Mr. Maharaj proposes to Pranav that their children get married. Meanwhile, an oblivious Yuveer is given an ultimatum by Ash to either come out to his father or end their relationship. MaZulu and MaNdlovu join forces to try and get Zithulele back home from Phakade but fail to persuade either Phakade or Zithulele. Buhle is worried about Zenzele but cannot reach him or track him down.

Buhle learns that Zenzele left something special for her, but crumbles at the idea that he’s gone. Nganono tells his father it’s time for plan B, bringing Zakhiti back into their fold. Yuveer tries to tell his father that he wants to come out of the closet but is shut down and ordered to marry Shria. And Phakade warns his brother to not let history repeat itself.

We meet Mam’Thandazeli, as she tries to hustle a job with Thando at the Rampersads. Nirupa expresses concern about Shria and Yuveer’s proposed marriage. Pranav argues the union would give them power. The Maharaj’s arrive and Yuveer and Shria agree to marry.

This is what happened last week on Imbewu: The Seed.

Ash shows up at the proposal party, much to Yuveer’s shock. However, Shria seems to suspect Ash is more than just a cousin. Ngcolosi’s worst fears are realised when he learns of Yuveer and Shria’s union. In a dark turn, he instructs Phunyuka to dig up dirt on Yuveer. NaMadonsela is heartbroken when Zithulele leaves Umbumbulu. Finally, Mthandazeli arrives at Maluju looking for work. Setting the cat amongst the pigeons with Maluju staff.

As news of Shria’s engagement spreads, so does some fear and anxiety about what that ‘merger’ could mean for the Bhengu’s. Zithulele returns to Phakade’s home, and this worries not only Phakade but also MaNdlovu and MaZulu. Mr. Maharaj draws a line with Yuveer and Ash about being discreet. Mthandazeli is shuffled from pillar to post.

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