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This week on Scandal!

Lwazi Mluma |
1 August 2018

Hlengiwe piles on financial pressure, a lazy Gloria decides to declare war, a man plots a devious and dangerous plan. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

Romeo's revelations have surprising results. Hlengiwe faces a heartbreaking truth of her own. Gloria misbehaves, oblivious to who's watching. 

A reckless and dangerous plan gets abandoned by one man, only to be picked up by another. A daughter faces a choice between her dreams and the needs of others. The first Employee of the Week is announced. 

A man plots a devious, dangerous way of emerging the hero for his girlfriend's family. Hlengiwe piles on financial pressure in a bid to help her family. A lazy Gloria decides to declare war on a hardworking Phindile.                     

A family is horrified when they receive terrifying news about a relative's whereabouts. A person struggles to deal with a distinct lack of cash flow. Someone plans to sabotage others to make herself look good.

A young cynic discovers that an emotion he once wrote off has crept up on him without warning. A long-awaited homecoming prompts unbridled joy in one quarter and deep suspicion in another.   

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