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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

15 August 2018
Nirupa, Shria, Nganono, Zithulele

Nirupa finds out Shria’s real reasons for marrying Yuveer, Zithulele demands to see Macingwane and Zakithi tells Ngcolosi about Nganono and Shria’s affair. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


Nirupa refuses to come to terms with Shria's decision, forbidding her to marry Yuveer. But Shria lays out the reasons why she still wants to get married and convinces her mother to support her and keep the secret.   


Zithulele waits for his planned meeting with Nhlanhla but she stands him up. Zakithi reprimands Mthandazi for her dishonesty.


Nganono is upset to discover Shria still intends on marrying Yuveer and tells her she has to pick between them. Mr. Maharaj exposes Ngcolosi to Pranav as the source behind the Yuveer story, but Ngcolosi defends his actions.

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Ngcolosi tries to fix things with Pranav but fails, but learns from Zakhiti that Nganono and Shria are having an affair. Zithulele is spooked by the emergence of Macingwane. Phakade does his best to hide the truth from his wife and Zithulele, while their daughter Khanyo returns home.


Phakade warns Khanyo, the period of grace will be a testing time. When Zithulele demands to see Macingwane, Phakade scrambles, paying the Sangoma to leave. But KaMadonsela’s suspicions have been aroused and she pays a visit to MaZulu.

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