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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

30 August 2018

Zithulele is hurt when Phakade asks him to leave Umbumbulu and now that Zithulele knows Phakade is his father, he can’t help but to be angry at MaZulu. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.


Zithulele and Phakade try to move on after their bust-up. Phakade suggests Zithulele should have told the full truth. Zithulele says he’ll bear the burden too now, and hopes he’ll get to know Phakade as his father. But his heart is broken when Phakade asks him to leave Umbumbulu.


Zithulele returns home but struggles to adapt to being around his family. He battles to be warm to his mother, whom he now secretly judges.


Ngcolosi is full of regret when he sees Pranav fighting for his life and vows to make things right between them. Ngcolosi thanks Phakade for encouraging Zithulele to return home. Knowing the big secret, Zithulele can’t help but treat MaZulu with disdain.

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Ngcolosi arrives home to tell his family that Pranav was in an accident, which leaves him reflecting on his own mortality. Meanwhile KaMadonsela and Khanyo learn how far along Jabulile is with her pregnancy, consequently setting out to inform the father of the child.


Jabulile's boyfriend does a runner and Jabulile becomes even more determined to have an abortion, much to KaMadonsela's mortification.

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