Appointment of judges influenced by ANC? |

Appointment of judges influenced by ANC?

The ANC’s deployment committee met in March of 2019 to discuss a shortlist of judges compiled by the Judicial Service Commission.

This was revealed by Advocate Paul Pretorius during proceedings at the State Cape Inquiry on Wednesday and President Cyril Ramaphosa
was once again asked about the ANC deployment committee’s influence over the appointment of judges.

The president continued to argue that the ANC was not responsible for appointing judges adding that it was the responsibility of the Judicial Service Commission.

He says committee’s discussions about the judges revolved around transformation.

But who appoints the members of the JSC and why were the deployment committee’s preferences not transparent? 

His testimony has raised serious questions about the independence of our judiciary and the deployment committee’s power.

Mbekezeli Benjamin from Judges Matter, a coalition that monitors the appointment process for judges, weighed in on the matter.