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Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens – coming to eExtra this May on the 18th at 17:30pm

Xiao Yan is the son of Xiao Zhan and Gu Wenxin. When Xiao Yan was nine, his mother was killed by enemies and his father never talked about it.

Until he was fifteen years old, his martial art has made no progress due to his mother's ring absorbing all his progress. One day, Xiao Yan encounters the old man Yao Chen after contacting the ring. With the help of Yao Chen, Xiao Yan makes great advances in martial arts, and learns of the main instigator the death of his mother. Xiao Yan enrolls for the Jianan and makes friends there.

Once he is framed and narrowly escaped, he finds that his family have been doomed. To revenge for the murder of his mother, but also for the justice of Jianghu, Xiao Yan resolutely chose a single person to challenge the forces of evil.