Bhengu. Ngcolosi. Dlabazane. Shongololo. |
Press release

Bhengu. Ngcolosi. Dlabazane. Shongololo.

Johannesburg – On the 2nd of December at 9PM on, the man we all thought was dead IS BACK!. NGCOLOSI Bhengu played by Tony Kgoroge is alive, and back with a vengeance. The man, the myth, the legend is on his way and he’s coming for everything. The last we saw of Ngcolosi, he was on his deathbed in a hospital. Later on, we witnessed what we believed was the burial of Zimele’s body. But, did our eyes deceive us?. Now, as we flash back two years into the story, it will be confirmed that Ngcolosi never actually died. And while he was gathering his strength, Khemisi [Thabiso Lekoba] was his safeguard the entire time. Ngcolosi returns on the 2nd of December and anticipation will be off the charts for the episode when he comes face to face with his entire family on Wednesday 7th of December at 9PM. Follow the below link and watch the story leading to Ngcolosi’s return: