Mbali takes one more strike to end it all |
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Mbali takes one more strike to end it all

Johannesburg – Mbali takes one more strike to end it all – 14 February 2023

Mbali (Nolwazi Ngubeni) has gone from being Jojo’s loyal wife to becoming a conniving stalker who wants no one around her husband. She’s turned into a scheming manipulator, overly ambitious, driven and prepared to do whatever it takes to get her dream life. Coming from a modest home in Snake Park, Mbali always dreamt of a better life for herself. When she met Jojo, she saw all of her dreams coming true and immediately began lying in order to become Mrs Kubeka. Jojo used to believe that Mbali was a flower in need of protection. But once he started to see who she really is, he wondered if he wasn’t the one in need of protection instead. Despite her flaws, Mbali truly loves Jojo and her actions, while questionable, are fuelled by her need to be with him and give him the family and future he also wants. When Mbali married Jojo, she placed all her ambitions in him and so without him, she is left with nothing. Mbali is unable to carry a child, which left a big scar on her own sense of femininity.

When Mbali saw her sister Winnie getting too close to her husband, she devised a plan to get Winnie arrested, ensuring that she is the only one there to console Jojo during difficult times. But when evidence emerges that Mbali is behind Winnie’s arrest, Winnie is released and Mbali goes into hiding. Then, she calls Winnie and tells her to bring Nkazi to Snake Park. When Winnie arrives alone, she finds Mbali armed with a gun-  and she’s already shot the security guard hired by Jojo. A huge fight ensues, and Petunia kills Mbali. Jojo desperately wants to cover it up and they concoct a story about it being self-defence. As it turns out, the police buy the story, with Jojo as a witness.

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