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Ona gets her uMemulo celebration

This is a weird one, a Tswana girl going through uMemulo must be the first of its kind. However, she did after all find out that she is in actual fact – Zulu.

The road to the Umemulo begins when Funani almost loses his youngest son, Senzo. As he’s reminded of the importance of family, Funani approaches Ona and asks her to officially become a Zwide. What then follows is the beautiful story of Ona embracing her heritage -while continuing to love and cherish the Molapos. Through this, Ona shows how she will always walk between two families. And speaking of family, we will meet more members of the Zwide clan in the buildup to the ceremony, when Funani gets the chance to show Ona his own roots. Finally, the promise we set up in season one is fulfilled as the two souls embrace each other and connect over their blood.

But the story is not without its drama. When Sokalezwe learns Ona is about to go through Umemulo, he volunteers to help her learn the Zulu songs she has to sing at the ceremony. And of course, Neo has a major problem with this. This time, he has no choice but to step back and let Soka help Ona since this is so important. What follows is a tense couple of episodes as Soka and Neo both have to be there for Ona. And, lo and behold, they even have to drive down to KZN in the same car to support her. Naturally, this leads to a major clash between them when they break down on the road and find themselves stranded. Ultimately it is this event that leads to Soka eventually deciding to let Ona go.

This chapter culminates in a beautiful coming-of-age ceremony for Ona, a celebration of womanhood, culture and also fashion. This is our time to celebrate with the Zwides, it’s the moment they’ve been waiting for…

But while the Zwides celebrate, Faith takes the opportunity to quietly move back into the Zwide mansion, promising more fireworks to come!

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