Mangi Nyathi

About the Character

Mangi grew up as an only child and it is clear that both his parents really loved him. He had a happy childhood and went to a private boarding school in KZN. 


Mangi used to believe that Stan Nyathi was his father, but then found out that Daniel Nyathi is in fact his biological father. At first he found this fact hard to accept, but eventually warmed up to Daniel, though not at the time realizing the baggage that would come with being his son.


Since this connection, Mangi has carried his father's sins for him; becoming a victim of a kidnapping that changed his life forever because of his father's shenanigans.

Being injected with drugs everyday by the kidnappers, Mangi's newly developed addictive personality saw him go through an addiction to heroin, alcoholism and an insatiable appetite for sex that ended up in a suicide by one girl he had infected with Hepatitis B. Recently also, Mangi relapsed back into drugs when he fell for his PA, Kefilwe, who was appointed by Donna Hardy with the secret mission of laying a honey trap for Mangi so that Donna could save the day and thereby have Mangi indebted to her – it turned out that Kefilwe accidentally overdosed and died with Mangi around, and Donna protected Mangi from investigation, knowing she now had Mangi’s allegiance. This secret eventually came out and when Daniel found out he threatened Donna’s life if she did not leave the country.


With the help of Eddie Khumalo, a family friend and Mangi’s sponsor, Mangi has managed to pick up the pieces of his life and now focuses on his career in business. However, with the deaths of two former girlfriends and his cousin’s father on his hands, Mangi fears he may be cursed, perhaps for his father’s past sins. 


Mangi is an idealist who is always striving to make the world a better place. He is a humble, likeable character who is friends with everyone. He can be quite a martyr.