Begeertes starts 23 November |

Begeertes starts 23 November

Give in to your desires when Begeertes starts at 8:30PM on Monday 23 November on Kuiertyd – eExtra channel 105.

Ferhat is a hitman working for his criminal uncle. Aslı is a young and idealistic doctor.

One day, their roads crossed in the most unexpected way, Aslı is forced to operate on a man that Ferhat had shot.

Then, Aslı had to marry Ferhat to save her life. In the world of corrupt relationships and ambition of power, these two opposite people will get along through time and get closer to each other.

However, Ferhat’s lifestyle is too dark to live an innocent love story.

Will Ferhat and Aslı live happily ever after against all dangers waiting for them?

Don’t miss the brand new Turkish series Begeertes at 8:30PM from 23 November only on Openview, eExtra channel 105.