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The Black Door - The Big Bang

Mam Reb’s house has been a living hell and it’s been horror for Boniswa and Nkanyiso and it's about to get worse. The Black Door, weeknights at 9:30PM. 

And if that’s not enough, Khaya has been making waves with his bus. But since the drug bust and arrest, he’s been cautious, especially as he suspects Mam Rebs of planting the drugs in his bus.

Is he wrong? Who else would you suspect?

Meanwhile, Nkanyiso allows for Boy–Boy to meet with Velaphi at the shisanyama-making the young boys connection even stronger. Remember that Nomsa, Velaphi’s grandmother is doubtful and does not condone this blossoming friendship.

But let’s cut the story short so you can watch it for yourself!

Khaya’s bus explodes in a ball of flames, because of “someone” and, Velaphi & Boy–Boy are inside.

Meanwhile, Boniswa and Nkanyiso are getting married at Home Affairs.

As Khaya rushes to the rescue, Boy-Boy and Velaphi fight for their lives in the burning bus. Mam Rebs, AKA “someone”, is horrified to learn that Boniswa and Nkanyiso have eloped but she has an ace up her sleeve, although she still doesn’t know her grandson is inside the bus… Yesssus!

While all of this is happening, Romeo’s efforts to attract more clientele are failing and business continues to flop at The Black Door. But there may just be a silver lining…

WHO IS THIS “SILVER LINING”? Best believe, there’s a sexy new stud pulling into The Black Door. 

Thursday 4 August is the date, 9.30PM the time. Period!!!