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Lala Kahle MaCele

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Joyful, caring, and loving, that’s how those close to MaCele would describe her. This week on Durban Gen we lay to rest a mother, wife, and dear colleague to the Durban General staff.

MaCele’s death comes as a result of trouble in her household. At first, she learned that her husband Bab’Gumede has an illegitimate child outside of their marital home. Then shortly after forgiving him, she discovered that he spent all their life savings on gambling.

What is a funeral without a Rakgadi moment? MaCele’s sister played by the legendary Lucia Mthiyane will make an appearance and let’s just say she’s not particularly happy with the turn of events that occurred.

Be part of MaCele’s funeral from the 14th – 15th of June at 6:30PM