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eVOD Update

eVOD Update

Introducing the updated eVOD APP!

Experience a whole new level of entertainment with the updated eVOD Streaming app today.

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Streaming has never been more enjoyable and convenient with the new and improved eVOD Streaming app. From an enhanced user interface to an array of features that enrich your entertainment experience, eVOD has it all.

Improved User Experience: Indulge in a smoother and more intuitive browsing experience. With its revamped interface, you'll find it easier than ever to discover your favourite movies, and TV shows.

Easier Navigation: No more endless scrolling or getting lost in a sea of menus. The updated eVOD app simplifies your journey, making it effortless to find exactly what you're looking for.

Create Your Own Playlist: Show off your creativity and curate your perfect entertainment line-up with eVOD. The app allows you to create your personalised playlist, giving you the power to organise your favourite movies, and TV series, exactly how you want.

Recommendations: Let eVOD be your personal entertainment guide, offering tailored recommendations based on your preferences and viewing history. Discover new content that aligns perfectly with your tastes, ensuring you never miss out on exciting new releases or hidden gems.

Live TV: Access live TV channels directly on eVOD. Enjoy your favourite TV shows from e.tv and eExtra as they air. 

Auto Trailer: Get a sneak peek into movies or series with the auto-trailer feature. Hover over a title, and eVOD Stream automatically plays a preview. Experience the storyline, visuals, and overall feel of the content in just a matter of seconds.

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The updated eVOD Stream app is not just a streaming service; it's a glimpse into the future of entertainment