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Friday Movies

Friday Movies for Kids

Movies to watch every Fri-yay at 2PM.  

First Dog Friday, 9 September 
First Dog
A foster boy is befriended by a lost dog who turns out to belong to the President of the United States. The boy decides to run away from the foster home to return the canine to the White House -- "Because it's the right thing to do!"

Wiener Dog Nationals Friday, 11 September 
Wiener Dog Nationals
A family adopts a runt of a dachshund from a shelter. Only time will tell if little "Shelly" and her new family are up for the challenges of entering the nation’s greatest wiener dog race, Wienerschnitzel's "Wiener Dog Nationals." One Nation, one race, one wiener.

Aussie and Ted Friday, 18 September
Aussie and Ted
Aussie, a lovable Australian mutt, embarks on a mission to return his young owner's missing Teddy Bear.

Kazaam Friday, 25 September
A troubled kid inadvertently releases a genie, who must grant him any three
wishes he requests.

It's going to be so much fun, same time same place every Friday on