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Gotti: Godfather and Son

Don’t miss the life story of Mafia boss John Gotti on eReality– Openview Gotti: Godfather & Son, Fridays at 9:15PM from 10 September

John Gotti Jr tells the story of his upbringing and his life, all the loss, and sacrifice. “If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword”

Though some may consider the story of John Gotti one-sided, others believe it’s a touching portrayal of a man's love for his father and many demanded the documentary’s release.

Yes, Gotti was responsible for a variety of crimes, but his charm, charisma, and his exceptionally handsome looks added to his public appeal.

A fascinating story, yet also extremely sad that a man like Gotti chose the life he lived where he could have succeeded in an honest career. The series evokes a wealth of contrasting emotions.

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